SIGMA was founded and managed by a group of 18 9th grader students. Each of them is a shareholder in the company. In the beginning of the year the company elected its executive officers from among all shareholders. Each manager was responsible for coordinating and leading his/her area of responsibility, with the other students joining different teams based on their desire, areas of strength and capabilities. The members of the management group are:

Hila Efraim


Alisa Borisov


Yoval Shenkar


Noam Shayn


Oriya Matatov

VP Product

Lotan Giser

VP Sales

Noga Anshel


Neomi Anshel


Talia Cohen​



We are in the business of saving lives. Our mission is to save the lives of young children by eliminating the danger of accidental drowning. Drowning is the No. 1 cause of death among little children. We are a group of 14-15 year old entrepreneurs that wish to create a significant social impact in tandem with building a profitable business venture.


Sigma envisions a safer world with a significant reduction in drowning cases among little children in private and public swimming pools.
Sigma was founded and operates around a set of core values and principles that define everything we do:

Social / Environmental Impact
We strive to do business while doing good. We will always seek to balance the business needs with those of society and the environment.

Entrepreneurship and Initiative
Every member of Sigma is encouraged to take part in the initiative and contribute to the team and the business.

Hands – On Learning
We believe in experiential learning and learning through examples

We put the business interests of the company and the team members above our personal interest.


SIGMA has developed The AquaSense system, a combination of a smart bracelet with an embedded receiver and a proprietary app – in order to save lives. The bracelet contains both a water sensor and a vibration activation switch that can detect cases of drowning. The receiver receives a radio wave signal and transforms it into a cellular signal. The app receives a signal of distress and notifies both the parent/s of the bracelet wearer as well as other emergency contacts of choice (lifeguard, EMS, etc.) How does it work? As soon as the bracelet touches the water or detects a lack of movement, an alert is triggered and sent to the app. The app has multiple functions – data collection, accessibility, alerting and mobility. The app allows the owner of the bracelet to include important information about the child’s medical history, age, neighbor’s phone numbers and more. Thanks to the app, the system is completely mobile and can be used anywhere – at a friends’ house, public pools, the beach and more. The product fits perfectly on the child’s wrist and cannot be removed by the child thanks to a safety lock. The app is suitable for both IOS and Android phones and will be free to download from the App store and Google Play.

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